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Funnelbranch lets you collect and analyse funnel conversion metrics for all of your applications and websites.

Powerful features

Invaluable insights

Funnelbranch provides you with a powerful set of tools to collect, analyse and compare page visits and visitor actions across different time periods, different features (A/B testing) and different marketing campaigns.

High drop-off rates at certain funnel stages may hint at customer pain points.

Our graphs will help you identify these pain points, so you can make data-driven decisions about which parts of your website or operation to optimise.

Check our documentation to read more about the theory behind funnel analytics.

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Collecting funnel metrics

How does it work?

When a user visits your homepage (configurable), we begin recording a new session.
If they visit your product page next, they’ve already matched two thirds of the stages in the example funnel below.
The session ends when the visitor has completed all stages of the funnel, or when they time out after X period of time (configurable).

Funnel stages can be set up and configured via the dashboard, either as URL visits or as custom actions. Whenever a user of your website or app triggers one of these stages, it’s automatically recorded as part of their session.

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Comparing metrics

Improving conversions

Funnelbranch lets you compare conversion metrics across different time periods. Plus it has built-in support for A/B-testing.

This way, you’ll know if you’re actually getting better at converting new cohorts of users, something which can’t be inferred from standard metrics like “total number of signups”. Click here to learn more about so-called vanity metrics.

Interested in how your funnel conversions have evolved over time? Want to see which product changes and experiments have made the most impact?

We’ve got a graph for that as well (coming soon):

Graphs like these seem complicated, but they convey much more information than a simple plot of “total number of signups” against time.

Rather than show you whether you’re getting more users, this graph shows you whether you’re getting better at getting more users.

This is a technique called cohort analysis, which allows you to validate the outcome of your product hypotheses and conversion experiments, putting you in the perfect position double down on working strategies (and abandon strategies which don't bring results).

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Privacy friendly

Easy to set up

Step 1
Sign up for free and create a new project

Step 2
Define a new funnel via the dashboard

Step 3
Add the code snippet to your website

The code snippet allows us to detect, for example, when a visitor transitions from your pricing page to your registration page. Out of the box.

There are no complex integrations here. You just include the snippet, and we provide you with a dashboard like this full of conversion metrics.

Funnelbranch respects your visitors’ privacy.

Our code snippet places a short-lived, first-party analytics cookie on your visitors’ computers to keep track of their positions inside your funnels. (Do I need to show a cookie banner for EU visitors?)

With this cookie, we only collect URLs and custom events triggered by your website’s visitors, before agglomerating these anonymous data points into aggregate metrics.

No names. No IP addresses. No personal data collection.

Check our documentation or sign up to get started for free.

Frequently asked


Funnelbranch is a service which helps you improve customer conversions on your websites and apps (think: onboarding funnels or product purchase funnels).

By analysing how your visitors and customers transition through the different sections of your website or app, we’re able to provide you with powerful insights on which parts of your funnels could be optimized. Without any personal data collection.
Funnelbranch only focuses on funnel and conversion metrics, not so much on raw pageview stats. As such, it does not replace, but rather work alongside popular page analytics services like Google Analytics, Matomo or Plausible.
When developing or impoving a product or service, we believe it’s paramount to have customer funnel metrics at your fingertips. Because funnel conversion metrics are our sole focus, we’re able to provide you with a privacy friendly solution which is 100% geared towards funnels.

Google Analytics, while powerful, is a complex product and complete overkill for the majority of websites. This is clearly reflected in their dashboard where it can be a mission to pull the relevant metrics together.

All of this doesn’t even mention their business model of mass personal data collection and monetization. Google Analytics is a “free” service, because they sell your users. Funnelbranch is a paid service, because it does not and never will sell your data.
Our analytics service is no substitute for creativity, coming up with transformative business ideas or direct customer feedback — instead, you should think of Funnelbranch as a framework for putting your ingenious ideas to the test.

Because, often, an idea needs to be translated into some kind of (web) design. And it would be a shame if your idea is truly brilliant, but your design is subpar and 90% of visitors accidentally scroll past your "highly visible" signup button.

Funnelbranch makes it easy to detect these kind of drop-offs, so you can easily adjust particular stages of your funnels.
If you’ve got an app or a server from which you’d like to integrate, please let us know and we’ll set you up.
Yes. We’ve got an edge-location served funnelbranch.js script, as well as an NPM package for SPA frameworks like React and Angular.
Under the GDPR, analytics cookies are considered non-essential. Because the Funnelbranch script relies on a first-party analytics cookie placed on your visitor’s computer to analyse their funnel progressions, you are required to ask your EU visitors for permission before initialising Funnelbranch. Our script was designed with this in mind, and can be set up to only initialise itself after your visitor has given consent.
Our services are currently available to:
  • businesses worldwide
  • individuals outside of the EU
We're working hard to make Funnelbranch available to EU individuals.


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